We are two forty-something women living in a plains state. We work in the same field, we both have dogs, no kids, and we graduated Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University together.


I am a native of the plains state in which we live. I am self-employed. I live in a rural lake area with my husband who works as a buyer.


I am from the U.K., I have a position with the state government. I live in a metropolitan area with my husband who is a public school teacher (state school for our British readers).


Shortly after reaching debt freedom, we found ourselves wondering, “what’s next?” and searching for a new goal. Over the last year we stumbled across the FI/RE community and realized there is abundant life somewhere on the spectrum between Dave Ramsey and Mr. Money Mustache.

Our goal is to share our personal experiences and opinions. Our hope is that it will help you find what works for you.